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GCM Ecommerce is a dedicated Magento Design Agency based in Devon that provides Magento web site design services in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and further affield. GCM Ecommerce also provides development for existing Magento ecommerce sites that require additional functionality as well as purpose built ecommerce and Magento web site hosting.

Integrating extensive online marketing and SEO knowledge with high level design skills and superior coding into the Magento ecommerce package results in websites that look great, are easy to use and sell products with ease.

Getting the Web Elements Right

Ecommerce sites have to perform from many angles but in order to break this down, there are three key elements. Design, navigation or ease of use and getting your site found. GCM Ecommerce fulfils all three elements that result in Magento sites that sell both products and brands online, worldwide.

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Kittiwakes Product page

Clean and Functional Web Designs

Design: In order to sell, your brand needs to be optimised, your design needs to grab the attention and your product images should be functional and clear.

Your site will perform with designs that customers love, clean, crisp and reflecting your brand aspirations.

Optimised Navigation Improves Sales

Navigation: Your site needs to get potential customers onto the right product that they want to buy in the most efficient manner.

Clean navigation, providing options that work, are logical and engaging, as well as multiple navigational paths, search systems that work and cart and checkout pages that are easy to use create a fool proof path to selling.

Best Practices Means More Traffic

Traffic: You need a site that looks great and is easy to use but also one that gets the right clients onto the site in the first place.

Through extensive experience, we know the pitfalls of creating large sites with dynamically created pages and our systems incorporate a full range of SEO best practices from the start to ensure that only the right pages get indexed.

Make the Right Choice for You

Our business is making your business work, we work with you in a long term relationship to help you to grow your online sales, make your business more revenues and more profits.

We help your business by offering flexible payment options so that you can spread the cost of your web site build over several months and avoid chunky cash outflows.

We help your business by offering you our knowledge and experience, we can help you to identify what is selling and sell more of it. We keep your costs down, competitive design and build rates, optimising your marketing spend and getting the right payment solutions that minimise your costs and your clients costs.

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