Flexible, Tailored and Bespoke Magento Web Site Designs

GCM Ecommerce are experienced Magento web site designers based in Devon, covering the South West, including Cornwall and Somerset. Providing a bespoke range of design and build services that are flexible and meet your needs.

We can provide you with a range of designs pre-build so that you get the web site design for your Magento Ecommerce shop right from the start. If you have your own designs created and need a site build, we can do this for you at very competitive rates.

Whatever the process that you require, we will work with you and for you to ensure that the designs match your brand and aspirations.

Magento Design - More Than Just a Look!

Getting the design for your Magento Ecommerce site right is key to your success. Through in house or using experienced external graphic designers, we can build the design before we build the site for you, so that you know that your design reflects your brand.

From the home page, through to category and sub category and then product pages, the design has to be clean, reflect the product that you are selling, provide information and ultimately, allow potential customers to enjoy using your site so that they purchase from you time and again.

Responsive Design

Magento Design - It has to Work, Everywhere!

Magento sites now have to incorporate responsive coding into their design, your site will need to work across all devices including pcs, laptops, tablets and mobile.

Your site will need to work in all web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox plus many more. Your design needs to be future proofed so that it works in technologies and gadgets that you may not have even heard of yet.

Our Magento designs and coding for your ecommerce site will include all of this as standard, checked and future proofed.

Magento Design - Navigation to the Right Pages!

The key to optimising performance on your ecommerce site lies in getting potential buyers onto the right products in the minimal number of clicks.

Through fully functioning search facilities to structured navigation with categories, sub categories, breadcrumbs and clear calls to action, navigation has a huge impact on user experience and sales ratios.

Flat Navigation
Magento Sales Chart

Magento Design - Trust Means Sales!

Potential clients need to have trust in your site. Using the right payment gateways, allowing reviews and having secured payment processes using secured pages is all part of the process.

Telling potential clients that their information is safe and then ensuring that it actually is safe is key to ensuring trust in your web site and brand for the long term.

Magento Design - Easy for You and Your Staff!

Magento has a back end system that makes it easy for you and your staff to administer. Easy processing of orders, automated emails confirming orders and shipping as well as reporting are just a few of the benefits that allow you to crate, update and manage an ecommerce site efficiently.

Adding, updating and removing products is easy, ordering products within categories and sub categories takes a matter of minutes and integrating with a variety of merchant payment systems can allow you to streamline your business processes.

Magento Magento Admin Customer Menu