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Reed Chillcheater

Reed Chillcheater is a local Braunton based company that manufacture a range of sports and clothing design for protection and warmth. The garments are sold world wide, in demand from explorers of both the Arctic and Antarctic, kayakers from Greenland to Peru and worldwide sports teams as well as local sports clubs, this is an international company with a local heart.

From paddle suits to decks and hatches for kayaks, the range of garments manufactured by Reed Chillcheater is extensive and yet against the trend of the global economy, all are made in Braunton, North Devon, by a skilled team with many of the garments being made to measure, specifically for the client.

Having struggled with a bespoke system for many years and having a product range that is tailored to the individual, Reed Chillcheater needed a system that allowed for incredible flexibility when ordering a garment. With one garment available in a range of sizes, probably in different colours, possibly with long or short length styles and different zip positions, the product database is immense. In essence, Reed Chillcheater needed an ecommerce platform that could cope with a huge database of products.

Reed Chillcheaters web site snapshot

Magento Flexibility

Magento is a user-friendly platform for Companies who like to be able to make amends in-house and have greater control in reacting to changes. It is very easy to change all aspects of a product's details in the back office, for example, to implement discounts for a flash sale or add more images.

Magento also allows a user to export products or customer records into Excel, add more options then import back into Magento. This can save an awful lot of man-hours and therefore cost. As there are thousands of options in the matrix of Reed Chillcheater's range, they needed this function to make it possible to offer this custom service.

The Benefits of Open Source

There are a lot of individual modules within Magento that make up a web site and that can be customised to suit different businesses, for example, Reed Chillcheater have had CMS blocks written for them that produce simple customer input boxes to send in any extra measurements they want to give. These can also be duplicated aOne really big draw to Magento is the fact it's "open source". What this means is that it is supported by a network of people who build and use Magento. Should a query ever occur, there is an abundance of information on-line to help you solve any problems along with add-on modules, some pay for and some free, to increase the functionality of the website.nd amended to suit different purposes.

Behind the scenes lies a spreadsheet whizz who goes by the name of Julie, having the knowledge of each individual product and the process of design and manufacture, Julie has used Magento to build a web site full of products that are available in custom sizes.

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