Long Term Magento Web Site Development

If you have a current Magento site and are looking to develop to increase sales and reach new audiences, add new functionality and improve the user experience, we are here to help. With a team of experienced Magento designers and coders, we have created several bespoke modules and custom packages of code that are designed to improve sales, offer new functionality and help your potential customers to get the products that they want to buy.

Improve Visitor Numbers
Flexible Payment Options

Low cost Magento Development

One of the great assets that Magento offers as an ecommerce system is the wide range of modules that you can buy or download for free from the huge range of companies that support Magento worldwide. Finding the right module and integrating it into a system so that it works to achieve what you want is key. We understand that many clients want to modify their user experience and we have the skills and capability to customised modules so that they achieve what you want to achieve at competitive rates.

Bespoke Magento Modules and Development

If you require a module that isn’t already out there and want functionality or a user experience that is custom made for you specific business then we can help. Having created several unique and bespoke modules explicitly for client’s requirements, we have improved sales for many products. These include custom product pages where you can build your own final product from components that are individual products within the site. Shipping modules that are complex for worldwide exports are often requested and can be incorporated and if you require a low cost module to achieve a specific aim, we can help you to create it.

Bespoke Magento Development
Bespoke Magento Development

Knowledge is Key

Magento development requires a deep understanding of the underlying structure of the Magento system. Having the skills and capabilities to write effective and efficient code that works within a design requires experience and knowledge. All of our Magento web site development is undertaken in the UK by a team of skilled designers and coders. This is tested extensively before go live and we work with our clients to achieve the outcome that they want for their business.