The International Evolution of Nalu Beads with Magento

Nalu Beads

Nalu Beads chose GCM as their choice for design and development of a brand that is established and growing rapidly. With an emphasis on developing the brand to achieve global sales, GCM worked with the business owners to ensure that the evolution of the brand was at the core of the new design.

This required more than just a standard ecommerce site build, incorporating a community feel into the site as well as additional and custom coded functionality including a custom bracelets page that allows potential customers to build their own bespoke Nalu bracelet.

Nalu Beads Blog

Magento and Wordpress Integration

The Nalu Brand is as important as the ecommerce side of the new web site. With new community features that are coded within Magento that allow the business owners to regularly update information on team riders from their latest videos to biography’s for each team rider.

The site also integrates a Wordpress blog into Magento such that any changes to the site structure in Magento are automatically carried over to the Wordpress Blog. Having the skills and capability to integrate Magento and Wordpress allows for a great ecommerce solution combining the best blogging platform available.

Building an International Brand with Magento

The primary driver behind the choice of Magento for this project was the capability to sell products in a range of currencies worldwide and to get a look and feel that is international as opposed to being UK focused.

From the world map on the initial shopping cart page that allows you to choose your destination of choice to ordering in a wide range of currencies that are regularly updated, Nalu has evolved into a brand with worldwide exposure backed up by a community, team riders and team ambassadors that enhance the brand image.

International Brand