Magento Ecommerce in Competitive Online Markets

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In a competitive UK based market, the CB Lovelinks site dominates with clear branding, a great range and simple functionality that deliver.

One of the largest suppliers of Lovelinks in the UK, CB Lovelinks has dominated the online market for these high quality charms for a period now with number one search engine rankings for a wide range of the primary brand search strings.

A clean design, very easy to use navigation and a loyal customer base that loves a great product results in a web site that delivers.

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Optimising Magento Navigation

Navigation is important when your product range runs into thousands and CB Lovelinks provides a navigational structure that is clear, places the top selling categories in priority and offers a clean and easy way for clients to shop.

With multiple paths to the product that is desired, the CB Lovelinks site has achieved great commercial success and customer loyalty, by offering a high quality product at competitive prices and with an ecommerce site that delivers, CB Lovelinks has grown.

Special Offers is Easy with Magento

Competitive pricing is key where you have a product that is available from many online retailers. Having the capability to alter product pricing, add and remove special offers and categorise products rapidly is a key element.

Magento provides this solution in a very simple format so that your staff can easily move products into different categories, create special offers with start and end dates and place key best sellers in optimal search positions. If you are looking for a site with this flexibility, Magento is your best choice for an ecommerce shopping solution.

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