Magento Sites Needn't Cost the Earth


Building a Magento website cheaply isn't easy but it is possible for us to allow clients to get a cheap Magento web site built if the clients have the capability and time to fill in the gaps.

The Kittiwakes Magento site is an example of how we can provide a cheap Magento solution for clients that are restricted by budget and yet want to build an ecommerce site from scratch with a large number of products.

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Keep Costs Down and do the Work Yourself

One of the key reasons behind the fact that we could build a low cost Magento site for Kittiwakes is the fact that they had their design in place from the start. This is coupled with the fact that they can create great images and upload these images along with product details and specifications without our interaction.

By having a clean template that is agreed at the start of the project, Kittiwakes have essentially created their own design, look and feel along with product details at a low cost.

It Takes Effort But It's Worth It

In order to get a low cost Magento site live, you need to have the skills and determination to succeed.

It takes a great deal of effort to create several photographs per product, clean up the images and then add unique content for each product, page and category but if you are willing to put in this effort and are looking for a low cost Magento site, we are more than happy to discuss your needs.

If you have your site design ready, you can achieve great results as long as you are willing to put in the effort, if that is you then call us now and get the same success that Kittiwakes online has achieved.

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