Just Bracelets Case Study for New Web Sites

Just Bracelets Logo

Just Bracelets is a new Magento site that sells silver bracelets, fashion and friendship styled bracelets as well as a range of vintage styled bracelets.

Just Bracelets is a new brand to the UK market and built within Magento to create a unique style, look and feel from bespoke designs created by GCM Ecommerce. The emphasis is on the fashionable vintage style of a new range that fits into a brand image.

Creating a Brand with Magento

Creating a New Brand Through Magento

Creating a new brand in a competitive environment needs a clear and unique selling point. By first identifying a market niche and then targeting a site design to that niche, GCM Ecommerce have created a Magento website design that reflects the aspirations of the brand targeting vintage styled jewellery that is high quality at competitive prices.

The look and feel of this site is key to its success, creating a look that reflects the brands style shows potential clients what they are buying into right from the very start.

Web Site Traffic is a Key to Sales

The key to getting a new website to sell from the start is to get the right type of client onto the site. Through both organic and paid marketing as well as optimising code, Just Bracelets has achieved significant traffic in a short space of time.

Having a clear strategy from the start, Just Bracelets has achieved great rankings in search engines rapidly, helped through optimised branding and coding as well as providing a clear and consistent navigational structure.

Just Bracelets Search Result Placing