Guilty Expands with a Necklaces Web Site

Guilty Necklaces

After two and a half years building an incredibly successful niche business selling sterling silver bangles in the UK through the site, the decision was taken by Joanne Hall to expand the brand into sterling silver necklaces for both men and women.

The branding for the new site Guilty Necklaces was intentionally kept within guidelines provided by the client to mirror a proven and tested formula. Following strict brand guidelines, keeping the navigation, structure and aesthetic feel the same, the new Guilty Necklaces site was launched, designed by GCM eCommerce and built in Magento.

Guilty Necklaces Sterling Silver Banner

Magento Site Integration

There is more to the story though, the client has long term plans for the brand and there was a need to follow a plan to develope multiple web sites that follow the same brand, but need to have different coding capabilities over the long term, as more branded sites are added.

The easy option would have been to create different stores within the same Magento installation for both necklaces and bangles, but this might have restricted the options for evolution and growth over the long term. Thus, these are now two Magento Community Edition sites that are independent in nature but share code base. This allows the client to develop the sites alone but to also allow reduced costs when implementing changes that are exactly the same across both sites.

Growing a Brand with Magento

The solution now allows Guilty Necklaces to evolve in a different direction, selling an alternatively styled range of sterling silver necklaces worldwide that are created primarily in the UK. As the customer has always beeen the driving force behind the growth in the Guilty brand, time and sales determine where the brand evolves with an emphasis on high quality and elegant necklaces demanded by clients that want a product that holds its value over the long term.

With an ever expanding range that is based on a full range selection of sterling silver necklaces for women, there are now categories defined by the style of necklace and the material composition of the necklace. For example, the style of necklace is chosen for a category such as whereas the composition of materials is chosen for an alternative category where customers are looking at materials rather than styles such as in the silver necklaces with stones Welcome to the new Guilty Necklaces site, designed for the customer and in part, by the customer, eCommerce evolution in practice!

Manhattan sterling silver necklace with cushion cut cz stone