Combing Multiple Aspects of a Business into One Site

Guilty Bangles

Catherine Bishop sells a wide range of jewellery across a range of different brands, products, styles and sizes from designer jewellery to bespoke and custom made jewellery.

The site is complex with different sectors requiring different attributes and having a consistent navigation is key.

With a site where there are wide variations in product attributes from the designer's name, the product style to prices, offering a simple design with an easy to follow navigation is key.

Catherine Bishop Jewellery Brands

Put Key Sellers First

Ensuring that the key categories are found first is vital, ladies shop for jewellery far more than men. Ladies buy necklaces and pendants more regularly than rings, optimising the navigational system so that the most popular categories of products are found first is a key element in successful sales.

Having a site where designer labels site alongside bespoke designed jewellery is quite rare, ensuring that the two sections work well together has to mean that potential clients can differentiate between a designer brand and a product that is created bespoke to your own specifications.

Calls to Action Need to be Consistent.

With a clear navigational system, clean branding and a site that is simple and effective, this site proves that you need to get your products in front of the potential customers easily, have clear calls to action and that simple navigation can be effective but not intrusive.

Catherine Bishop CTAs